Oct 29, 2011

Back To Black For The Fall

Let me tell you a story about the color black, When i was a young child (1-13) i wasn't allowed to own anything black due to the fact that my mother thought the color was associated with gangs and violence. Then when i became a teenager i brought my first black shirt, stormed to Nordstrom and bought myself a black Lacoste polo... she was devastated. OK now back to the look... I made this look surrounding the black wool donkey jacket from TOPMAN with the black leather patches for a more modern approach on the military jacket. Underneath i paired it with a checkered black and white polo from TOPMAN, so when the jacket is open you get a nice view of the polo design. Added a wonderful pair of Robert Geller slim fit jeans and you're set. You could easily rob a bank in this look. (im just sayin)
To fully complete the look we have a nice pair of Round-Framed Raf Simons sunglasses and a black leather manbag (murse) from Lanvin... These AMAZING leather Opening Ceremony 'M1' desert boots that would seriously go with just about everything you own. A pop of color was needed and it is fall so why not right? A scarf from TOPMAN to brighten the whole look and make it right for the Fall. I hope this look inspires you to roam around your city in all black carrying a manbag. Happy Saturday!

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