Oct 30, 2011

Winter Wants...

Just look at these wonderful Monsieur Lacenaire Merino Wool sweaters. Counting down the days till Winter. 

Oct 29, 2011

Back To Black For The Fall

Let me tell you a story about the color black, When i was a young child (1-13) i wasn't allowed to own anything black due to the fact that my mother thought the color was associated with gangs and violence. Then when i became a teenager i brought my first black shirt, stormed to Nordstrom and bought myself a black Lacoste polo... she was devastated. OK now back to the look... I made this look surrounding the black wool donkey jacket from TOPMAN with the black leather patches for a more modern approach on the military jacket. Underneath i paired it with a checkered black and white polo from TOPMAN, so when the jacket is open you get a nice view of the polo design. Added a wonderful pair of Robert Geller slim fit jeans and you're set. You could easily rob a bank in this look. (im just sayin)
To fully complete the look we have a nice pair of Round-Framed Raf Simons sunglasses and a black leather manbag (murse) from Lanvin... These AMAZING leather Opening Ceremony 'M1' desert boots that would seriously go with just about everything you own. A pop of color was needed and it is fall so why not right? A scarf from TOPMAN to brighten the whole look and make it right for the Fall. I hope this look inspires you to roam around your city in all black carrying a manbag. Happy Saturday!

Oct 27, 2011

Chambray For Your Thoughts?

 Well hello good people of the world! lets get this show on the road shall we... So yesterday i went on an H&M shopping spree and came out with this wonderful chambray button up (i feel southern) and this size too small henley long sleeve top. Now im the type of person who falls in love with something then finds out they dont have my size, so i end up taking either the larger or the smaller sizes... Its sick. Im sick. Now moving on to these Cheap Monday jeans that are my fav jeans of the week. (theyre clean i swear...i think) Keeping my look easybasic and Simplistic! No boat shoes were used in the making of this outfit.
I couldnt pass up this amazing ring from H&M that makes me feel bad ass. Then i have this Nixon watch which i dont know how to use because im not sure how to read analog so its just for looks. Dont ask me for the time because i really have no clue(really)... I thought id be D.I.Y and make this cloth bracelet thingy out of an old shirt that i think came out pretty snazzy, and my lucky charm gold feather! Good day!

Oct 25, 2011

Oh Today...

well, well, whale... So today i wore a few different colors: grey, ugly grey, red, faded blue and nasty brown... but it all came together just fine if i dont say so myself. Keeping it simple with a red vneck wool sweater from Express and a dark grey button up from Stapleford (is it grey or gray?) anyways i live in this button up because it goes with just about everything, i have it in white also.... You must always layer. Now a simplistic man essential to me is a jean jacket. goes with everything and gives a vintage feel, mine is from Levi's... Jeans by Cheap Monday, and last but not least my boots(which are women's but who cares? right?) im not sure what they are but i feel manly and outdoorsy. The right outfit for a nice cold fall day in L.A and no boat shoes were used in the making of this outfit. 

Oct 17, 2011

The Other McQueen

 Seen in part of "The Seaman And A Lady bag" post i put up today, these Persol Steve McQueen special edition folding sunglasses have captivated my soul. These shades should be a menswear essential...a must have...make it a law! You can pick them up at Mr. Porter!
Steve McQueen

The Seamen And A Lady Bag...

With it being seven in the morning i think i did pretty swell for todays look! (yea i just said swell, get over it) Anyways this look is reminding me of a "modern sailor" in a weird knit way! We have this amazing dark grey/blackish chunky knit cardigan by S.N.S. Herning that would go with just about anything. To go under the knit cardigan i thought red might be an amazing pop of color, so i picked this Levi's vintage henley top that reminded me of the 1848 gold rush.(chic) I paired the henley top with dark grey ACNE chinos...i didn't feel that regular jeans would've done this cardigan justice so i just stuck with the classic chino pant. Its no secret that im a huge fan of desert boots so i found these AMAZING Pierre Hardy suede boots that just make me mad. I swear the key to happiness isn't a lover or money, its a good pair of desert boots. Do you agree? And to top it all off this great knit (bank robber) beanie from PS by Paul Smith!

Staying with the theme of "Modern Sailor" we have a very manly leather and metal hook bracelet from Miansai (see guys we can wear bracelets too) staying true to the nautical lifestyle bro? no? Moving along to the sunglasses, we have a wonderful pair of Persols from Steve McQueen. These Persols have a unique yet classic look to them thats very timeless yet modern? Another cool thing about these glasses is that they fold in half for easy transport! Proenza for men? NOPE! just me trying to incorporate womenswear into menswear again with this large M1 satchel from Proenza Schouler. I personally think this bag is very manly and could be used for just about anything! (like for sports...plus it goes with the look so why the hell not)... I hope todays look inspires you to go out to sea with your lady man bag! Happy Monday!

Oct 15, 2011

Whats Going On...

So as a fashion blogger i think its only right to show my readers what im wearing and how im wearing it! So starting today i will be sketching my daily outfit (minus basketball shorts and white tees) to show you a little personal look inside my closet. Today im wearing my favorite Rag & Bone red skinny jeans. I know its now fall but since its still 80 degrees here in California ill let this trend of bright colored pants slide for one more month, plus i live for the pop of color...On top a classic short sleeve H&M button up tucked in to showcase the belt and for shoes, Feather Canvas Stentorian oxfords with long grey and white socks! I feel like a chic newspaper delivery boy from the 1950's. 

Oct 13, 2011

Womenswear To Menswear To Drag

I recently came across this amazing Versace Venetian silk top on Net-A-Porter and was stopped in my tracks. I needed to create and amazing look for this top and somehow make it work for menswear too. Now this isnt me trying to be a drag queen dont get me wrong here i just appreciate good clothes! (or maybe i am a drag queen) anyways i paired the busy top with plain black Dior Homme slim fit jeans and for shoes simple black Opening Ceremony 'M1' desert boots. I dont want to take away from the top with crazy colors or color blocking the shirt so i stayed with simple black. And for the accessories a gold lion necklace by FSMNYC to match with the richness of the shirt and what Versace stands for. I selected Illesteva black glasses (staying simple with the black) to blend the whole look together. Now this look was oddly inspired by none other then rapper/designer kanye West...and i use the word "designer" very loosely...Anyways when he performed at Coachella this past year he came out in a Celine top from Spring 2011 collection and ive been hooked since. I hope this look inspires you to do drag and go wear women's clothing! good day mates!

Oct 9, 2011



This FSMNYC ring features the New York City skyline 1" high with an amazing detailed band. The gold toned ring will run you about 200 dollars and could also help if you ever find yourself in a fight! Pick it up at Farfetch!

Some More Amazing Versace For H&M

Right down to the socks. Should i wait outside of H&M now? 
November 19th

Oct 5, 2011

Versace For H&M

November 19th...get ready