Dec 31, 2011

TSM 2012 Outerwear Sneak Preview

Heres a sneak preview from TSM's 2012 outerwear short film! The amazing jacket featured is called Winter Jacket from American Apparel and everything Natalie is wearing is also styled from American Apparel. Keep your eyes out for a little Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang in the upcoming month! Have a safe and drunk New Year!

Filmed in Hollywood Ca
Shot and directed by me
Model Natalie

Dec 30, 2011

It's Cold?

Coat: H&M Shirt: Stapleford Jeans: Levi's Glasses: Spitfire
See the problem with living in Southern California is that we rarely get to experience seasons like the rest of the god damn USA. With Winter soon approaching and temperatures rising i find no time to break out a peacoat...  But as a risk taker (one time in 2rd grade i made a full moon joke about my teacher) I decided why the hell not! I mean its a nice 67 degrees but i must warn you, stand directly in the sun and you will BURN. The moral of this story is never and i repeat NEVER take sass from Mother Nature, that cold hearted bitch. 


Coat: H&M Bench: City of Anaheim Hills

Notice i had to remove the jacket, for even i "sweat".

& give it up for my sister working the camera

Dec 29, 2011


Here at TSM we believe in really amazing bomber jackets and this Pyramid Bomber Jacket from UNIF is just making my eyes water up. With front and back chenille patches get this limited UNIF gem before its to late!

Pictures from UNIF.COM

Obsessed Like Beyonce

I'am completely obsessed with these pants from Henrik Vibskov A/W 11 collection. And yes, these may be considered "out of season" by the fashion gods and if worn you'd be smite (smited? f it) by a bolt of lightening and cursed for the next 100 seasons. All in all these trousers are mighty fine and i would risk everything to be in them and upon my horse in the "South of France" and by that i mean south side L.A.

From this point on i will forever be obsessed with Henrik Vibskov... and i mean it in the creepy way.

Dec 28, 2011

Regime Theme

HEY REMEMBER ME?! I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and i hope you got that scooter you wanted! Now back to business... With New Years Eve soon approaching i put together this little outfit to maybe inspire you and the outfit you might put together for a night filled with drinking and screaming... I built the outfit around this badass John Varvatos double-breasted military jacket that reminds me of WW 2 and those Germans... You know what im talking about... too soon? I agree... moving on i found this sweet Adidas cardigan with a black collar that would fit oh so perfectly over this Marc by Marc Jacobs tie dye button up. A nice simple black pair of denim like these pants from Jean Shop and badass chukkas from Royal Elastics truly keep this a simple look. Keeping with the Nazi regime theme this watch from Timex x J.Crew would make Hitler proud. (this ends here) So lets ring in the New Year as a racist simplistic man and toast to 2012 & beer. 

Dec 24, 2011

Thank You And Shit

When i first made this blog it was called 5TH AND 42ND and was just a hobby. A place wear (get it? wear? where...bye) i could go to talk about the thing i loved the most, fashion etc. Then in just one month 5th&42nd had a baby like the second coming Virgin Mary and The Simplistic Man was born. A place where we can all hate on tweed jackets in private... Ive always been the lazy type so knowing that i could finally turn blogging into a full time job is just blowing my mind. In the new year expect a lot from us... fashion films, more shoots, collaborations, look books and reviews. Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday and again thank you for pretty much changing my life and building my resume.
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Dec 20, 2011


Maison Martin Margiela Suede High Tops. 
let me jump on this sneaker trend 

Mr. Porter

Dec 16, 2011


FINALLY after waiting weeks for these freaks, my Technotronic's 2 are finally here!!! These wonderful shielded glasses from Spitfire just scream Wild Wild West with Will Smith (so many w's) Anyways these babies are under 40 bucks and i wouldn't pass them up because they're going fast. Im glad i brought up Will Smith. Iconic

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Dec 12, 2011

Time For 2012

So today i met with a few stylist from the lovely Barney's New York here in Beverly Hills about a few looks im going to be using for a very special project  next month year with my lovely muse/face of TSM, Natalie! Its going to be a short film and im just over the moon about this! Heres just a taste of whats to come! Enjoy

Dec 11, 2011

Whats Next?

Well it looks like TSM has landed on the facebook!!! Im really excited for whats going to be happening for TSM in the next few months and so should you. Like us on facebook and ill give you a cookie.

Dec 6, 2011

Are You A Centaur?

A "shacket" is a cross between a shirt and a jacket, its the centaur of the fashion world. The shacket we have here from TOPMAN seems to be a vision straight from an old western movie. Usually i stay away from orange because if you cant rhyme it you cant trust it, but this one is pure magic. Its mixture of cord and quilted patch work makes this shacket my new best friend and only friend... Now we have basic drop crotch chinos also from TOPMAN keeping with the light color tone and matching them to the cord patches on the centaur shacket. These Bottega Veneta suede oxfords bring the whole look together and adds a touch of wealth. And the cherry on top would be the Bottega Veneta aviators.

Mr. Porter

Dec 5, 2011

Oh Hello...

Its good to be back. Have fun looking at these amazing pair of Oliver People sunglasses from Mr. Porter while i recover from a mini trip... i was in viva Las Vegas these past three days aka drank my soul away and owned the night in a new puffy vest i picked up from the GAP... But anyways im a zombie so normal blogging will return tomorrow! -Staff

Dec 2, 2011

Varsity Blues

If you were like me in high school you probably never had a varsity jacket... I was the one who never played sports or did anything that would ruin my shoes or lacoste polos. But now we must stand up and get that varsity jacket!!! TOGETHER WE CAN! and heres some amazing options... Above we have two Monsieur Lacenaire teddy knit varsity jackets (and both 50% off at Mr. Porter) and below we have my favorite and most expensive Levi's Made & Crafted two toned leather jacket and also 50% off this lovely Rag & Bone leather sleeved varsity jacket... No need to join your local tennis team to earn one of these bad boys.

Make sure to stop by Mr. Porter SALE section up to 50% lots of amazing clothes!