Mar 5, 2015

80 Degrees

Nothing beats 80 degrees in the first week of March... Coming from NYC I forgot how lucky I am to have this amazing place in my backyard. 
Getting back to the basics.  

PS Waiting on some amazing shots via 35mm will be up ASAP

On me: Zara Amazing shirt / Levi's / Converse 

Feb 18, 2015


Nothing feels as good as seeing a designer's collection that will define an entire season before anyone else. I am forever grateful that I get to be apart of this twice a year and have been for the past couple of years. We had a great week and we can't wait to share whats next... 

Feb 17, 2015

Back @ It

Welcome back to #TSM for the past few months I've just been living my life on Instagram, relaxing and enjoying the beginning of 2015. But now I'm back and kicking off TSM's new year at #NYFW. What started off to be just a chilly NYC winter quickly turned into Nanook of the North in the matter of hours. Well its great to be back home and back into the blogging state of mind. Tons of new product and post coming your way! 

On me: H&M wool coat / Zara pants / Converse 

Dec 12, 2014


Just now getting around to picking up photos from eight weeks ago via a disposable camera. Its always exciting to see what kind of gems and non gems come from one. These were shot for my work with Converse #SneakersWould but at last minute I went a different route! A stop at my favorite bar in LA called Zinque and a stroll down Melrose. 

On me: Raf Simons shirt / Pacsun Bullhead denim / Converse 

Nov 12, 2014


Living in Southern California we have the mountains, desert, the city and of course the beach... So at times it can be very difficult to decide where/what to explore. Its been over six years since I drove down the 10 to visit the amazing Mount Baldy. It got down to about 53 degrees and I was not one to complain. It actually felt like fall for a change.

Wearing COS shirt / Bullhead camo pants / Uniqlo zip-up / Converse